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Create a community for creative individuals through a comprehensive interactive experience.


Brand Identity
User Interface


Environmental Design


Artists often find it difficult to practice the Fine Arts once graduated with their careers. I created The Drawing Board out of my own frustration witnessing my art skills declining. This community is for creative individuals from all fields to create and celebrate the Fine Arts. It provides a space for classes, events, seminars, and meet-n-greets with known artists. The app has an enriching section that the user can be artistically challenged, doodle, and upload inspirations or artwork done at The Drawing Board.


This project includes an app for members that can be accessed thru InVision, postcards for promotions, sketchbook, bag, smock, and interactive environmental design that is located outside of the premises.

If you're having issues, open my website on Google Chrome or just click on the Invision link below:

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